Signum University’s online graduate program offers an affordable way to earn an advanced degree.

Taking Graduate Studies in a New Direction

Traditional academia contains a lot of things that have nothing to do with receiving an education. Students, faculty, and administrators are frequently saddled with worry due to the cost, bureaucracy, attitudes, and other factors that inhibit learning.

With that in mind, Signum University is working to change the status quo in higher education by reshaping what a graduate degree program looks like. Our new model for earning an advanced degree lets you spend less time dealing with distractions and more time focusing on the activities that enhance scholarship.

As with any graduate program, the readings, assignments, and exams for each of our courses follow an exacting schedule. However, the hard work is worth the knowledge, experience, and personal fulfillment you will receive in return.

M.A. in Language & Literature

Established in 2011, the M.A. in Language & Literature offered by our Language & Literature Department is the premiere graduate program at Signum University. Unlike many other graduate programs that separate language and literature studies, Signum University provides a comprehensive course of study in analyzing great literature that emphasizes the important role language plays in the stories we read, hear, and tell.

Literature: Many of our literature courses focus on traditionally marginalized areas of fantasy and science fiction literature, combined with classes in medieval writings, folk stories, fairy tales, poetry, and other forms of literature. We have offered surveys of fantasy and science fiction literature from distinguished professors such as Dr. Amy H. SturgisDr. Dimitra Fimi, and Douglas A. Anderson, among others.

Language: Our language classes emphasize the importance of regular study and practice through an instructional model that offers students plenty of personalized instruction and interaction in small-group settings, in addition to weekly lectures on language structure. Our core language programs are Latin and Anglo-Saxon.

Class Features

Every class in our graduate program features:

  • Live or prerecorded lectures (live lectures are recorded for later downloading)
  • Weekly live discussion groups
  • An interactive student forum
  • Full access to the Signum Library and course-specific materials

Given the combined emphasis of our graduate program, Signum also offers a number of classes that highlight the interactions between language and literature. Classes like Philology through Tolkien – taught by one of the great minds in Tolkien Studies, Dr. Tom Shippey – and Beowulf in Old English bring together the study of language and literature in a fresh way.


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