Support Signum’s credential-seeking endeavors

As Signum nears the end of the process of gaining approval from New Hampshire to grant degrees, we are now faced with the next phase in our credential-seeking goals: accreditation.

As Dr. Corey Olsen mention in his March 2019 State of the University Address, our accreditation application costs will be significantly higher than the costs of review required for state approval. Here is a breakdown of the accreditation fees:

Signum Accreditation Application Costs
Application Fee$4,500
Initial Assessment$3,750
Comprehensive Review$22,250
NH Observer Fee$1,800
Accreditation Application Total$32,300


Any funds donated through this form will be applied to our accreditation application costs. As a thank-you to our donors, all donations toward these costs are eligible for our Donor Appreciation Program and will be combined with any previous gifts you might have given since our campaign last fall.

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Header graphic courtesy Ian Rickard (CC-BY-2.0)