The Strategy Council oversees the day-to-day operations at Signum University.

The Signum University Strategy Team is made up of the University President plus the leaders of the University’s seven divisions:

Signum University Divisions
Digital Campus DivisionThe Digital Campus Division manages all digital assets belonging to Signum University by heading the production of the University’s media content and guiding the maintenance of its digital resources. In other words, they keep our digital campus going and growing.
Planning DivisionThe Planning Division acts as the primary measure of compliance and serves as the reference for overall improvement, analyzing institutional performance in light of relevant policies and Signum University’s mission, vision, and goals.
Language and Literature DepartmentThe Language and Literature Department guides Signum University’s academic affairs by planning and offering our courses and working with our faculty to ensure the best education possible. Basically, it makes Signum University a university.
Outreach DivisionThe Outreach Division promotes Signum University through planning its fundraisers and coordinating its events. With strategical and hosting talents like no other, it lets everyone know how extraordinary Signum University is.
Stewardship DivisionThe Stewardship Division ensures the legal and financial welfare of Signum University by guarding our non-technical resources and monitoring our compliance with our regulating bodies. Our stewards are experts at keeping Signum safe and strong.
Student SupportOur Student Support staff assists students enrolled in Signum University as they pursue educational growth with the institution. It offers basic academic, communication, and emergency assistance while helping students stay motivated throughout their degree programs.
The IncubatorThe Incubator is where new and experimental projects are developed under the guidance and supervision of the University President.


Strategy Team Members

Dr. Corey Olsen – suit and tie

Corey Olsen

University President; Board Member Ex Officio; Lecturer

Corey Olsen is president of Signum University. He brings his scholarship on Tolkien to the public, seeking to engage a wide and diverse audience in serious intellectual and literary conversation though his podcast, The Tolkien Professor.

Malcolm Harden

Provost – Stewardship Division Lead

Provost - Division Lead for Stewardship Division. Responsible for Employment, Bursary and Registry Teams

Sharon Hoff

Doorward; Student Support

Sharon is the Dean of People, Student Advisor and serves as the Doorward for Signum.

Keli Fancher

Digital Campus Division Lead

Keli is a consultant doing development for Apple products and the leader of the Digital Campus Division at Signum University where he oversees Signum's digital assets.

Curtis A. Weyant

Curtis A. Weyant

Dean of Outreach; Strategy Council; Website System; Social Media System; Mythgard Movie Club Host

Curtis A. Weyant is a digital marketing specialist and who leads the Website Team at Signum University and oversees the University's Twitter accounts.