Over the years, Signum University has worked with a number of artists and designers to create course artwork and other graphical elements for our website, activities, events, and merchandise. Here we want to thank those who have provided us with images.

If you are an artist and would like to contribute course artwork or help out with other graphical needs at Signum University, please contact us.

Alicia Fox-Lenz

Alicia is our resident graphic designer, and as such she has lent her artistic eye to many of the graphics throughout the Signum University website, as well as the Mythgard Institute.

Alicia’s Artwork for Signum University

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Jef Murray

Jef Murray was an internationally known artist, author, and illustrator. Mythgard Institute extended an invitation to Jef to speak as an artist of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works at Mythmoot II to which he graciously accepted. Several attendees chatted with the artist about his thoughts of the author during the conference and many more attended the scheduled artists’ discussion. Jef credited J.R.R. Tolkien and his fine works as the basis for his conversion to Catholicism.

His paintings and sketches consisted largely of Tolkien’s works, and could be found in worldwide fantasy publications and cultural journals including: Amon Hen, Mallorn, Beyond Bree, Silver Leaves, Mythprints, The St. Austin Review, Gilbert Magazine, The Georgia Bulletin. Jef graciously allowed us to incorporate his work into an image for our Philology through Tolkien class.

Jef’s Artwork at Signum University

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Ted Nasmith

Many of the images for Signum University courses and the Mythgard Institute’s free Academy seminars are graciously provided by Ted Nasmith and are used with his permission.

Selected Artwork by Ted at Signum University

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Elia Mervi

Elia Mervi’s artwork offers a mix of the fantastic and the real that matches the tone of some of our early science fiction courses taught by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis. Elia developed artwork for our History of Science Fiction Part I and Part II, the Dystopian Tradition, and Sherlock, Science & Ratiocination.

Elia’s Artwork for Signum University

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Breana Melvin

Breana Melvin was originally introduced to Signum University through the Mythgard Institute as a fan of the Tolkien Professor podcast series. After seeing a call for artists, Bre approached us about creating course art for Dr. Verlyn Flieger’s Spring 2013 course, Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth.

Breana’s Artwork for Signum University

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Cory Godbey

As a fan of The Tolkien Professor podcast series, Cory Godbey reached out to Dr. Corey Olsen and offered up the art that would represent Signum University’s course Fall 2012 class, The Story of The Hobbit. It was just perfect for the theme of the new course!

Cory’s Artwork for Signum University

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Drew Blom

With the addition of two new courses in Spring 2012 – The Making of Myth: C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien and Taking Harry Seriously: The Artistry and Meanings of the Harry Potter Series – we put a call out for new art. Luckily, talented illustrator Drew Blom was there to answer!

Drew’s Artwork for Signum University

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Open Source & Public Domain Images

We also use a number of graphics on our sites from open source and public domain image services. In many cases, attribution is not required, but we’d still like to thank these sites for making high-quality images available free for public use.