Signum Symposia are conversations with students, faculty, and special guests on topics of academic interest.

From time to time, Signum University offers free educational content through our Signum Symposia channel. In general, these conversations take place in three different areas: the Guest Lecture Series, Faculty Confab, and Thesis Theater. In addition, we may occasionally have one-time discussions that do not fit within any specific area.

Special Topic Seminars

Our special topic seminars feature conversations with academics, authors, and experts in various fields on topics as wide-ranging as the interests of our students and faculty! Past and planned seminar topics include A Secret Vice with Dr. Dimitra Fimi and Dr. Andrew HigginsBeowulf with Dr. Tom Shippey, The Story of Kullervo with Dr. Verlyn Flieger, and Sigurd and Gudrun with Dr. Carl Edlund Anderson.

Medieval lectures

Faculty Confab

These informal discussions build on the for-credit courses that our faculty teach and provide additional introductions and analysis to content in related areas of study.

Thesis Theater

As our graduate students near the end of their degree program, they have to develop a thesis. The Thesis Theater provides a place where they can present their thesis to the Signum community in a somewhat informal setting, giving them time to go into detail about their thesis topic and perhaps even provide additional research and connections that they might not have been able to explore otherwise.


Upcoming and Recent Symposia

Where to Find Signum Symposia

All Signum Symposia are live events offered online for free using the Signum classroom interface. Seminars are recorded and made available free of charge through iTunes U and YouTube for those who cannot attend live.

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Signum Symposia are made possible by the generosity of Signum University sponsors.

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