Discover new ways to teach engaging online classes.

Learn how to teach in a fully online environment

Online learning has been around in some form for decades – but recently, teaching entire classes over the internet has become a much more significant endeavor for many brick-and-mortar schools and higher-educational institutions.

As teachers at all levels – primary, secondary, and post-secondary – are beginning to shift from a traditional classroom setting to a more digital environment, many may have questions about the best ways to keep students engaged and ensure that they are learning at least as effectively as they do in person.

This is where Signum University can help.

As a digitally native institution, Signum has developed successful methods of online instruction for all levels of education, including everything from primary school through graduate school. Our faculty have been using these methods for years, both at Signum and elsewhere, and they are now ready to help others learn from their experience.

If you or your staff would like to learn how to teach engaging online classes from knowledgable experts, keep reading to learn about our mentorship program.

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What is the Signum Teacher Mentorship Program?

The Signum Teacher Mentorship Program helps instructors of all kinds acquire the skills and techniques necessary hold effective online classes. Those who can benefit include:

  • Primary and secondary school teachers
  • College and university professors
  • Homeschool group instructors
  • Corporate learning specialists
  • Religious and spiritual leaders
  • Any other educators, coaches, and tutors who are looking to teach online

We offer two levels of registration: individual and group.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring will consist of two sessions:

  • The first session is a two-hour discussion in which the Mentor meets with the group to understand their goals and challenges, develop a plan for achieving those goals, and answer any other questions that may come up.
  • The second session is a one-hour follow-up session a week later, in which the Mentor checks in to see how things are going and answers any questions and gives advice on handling issues that have emerged.

Group Mentoring groups are limited to 50 faculty per group. Note that groups should consist of educators who engage in the same level or type of instruction. For example, school districts who want to have their faculty attend will need to register separate groups for primary-school teachers and secondary-school teachers.

Price: $480 per group
(limit 50 people per group)

Group Registration

Individual Mentoring

Individual Mentoring will include two sessions:

  • A one-hour initial session discussing their circumstances, curriculum, and challenges, and helping them make a plan for conversion to online teaching.
  • A half-hour follow-up session to see how things are going and answers any questions and gives advice on handling issues that have emerged.

Price: $95 per individual

Individual Registration