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Personal Education in an Online World

Throughout history, universities have alternated between serving as repositories that preserve and pass on knowledge and innovative institutions that advance understanding, science, and technology.

Signum University strives to merge both of these approaches into a single, cost-effective solution that inspires students to study the disciplines they find most rewarding. In the modern world, there are two mainstream models for secondary education.

Expensive Traditional Universities

The cost of attending brick-and-mortar schools has become prohibitive for many people, and those who do attend these institutions often come away with decades worth of debt. Furthermore, increasingly corporate organization and bureaucracy has led to the growth of “educational consumerism” that counters the classic goals and benefits of a liberal curriculum.

Impersonal Online Schools

Large online learning portals and massive open online classes (“MOOCs”) have become popular. Although some of these programs are sponsored by traditional schools, others are driven by tech companies and businessmen rather than educators. Many of these online programs insulate students from professors and peers, use formulaic lessons, and excise passion from the learning process.

Because of the expense of traditional universities and the impersonal nature of online schools, many people become disillusioned with the entire state of secondary education. Instead of enjoying their studies, earning a degree becomes a chore – something that has to be done to reach some other goal.

At Signum University, we want to restore the idea that learning about the things you love is not only possible, but beneficial! Studies have shown that studying for pleasure:

  • Raises your GPA
  • Increases your prospect of finding a well-paying job
  • Improves overall satisfaction and happiness

In order to do that, we’ve completely changed the current approach to education – online or otherwise!

Tell us what you love to learn!

Small Costs, Big Opportunities

One of our biggest goals at Signum is to keep the cost of education manageable for our students. We believe encumbering students with debt serves a contrary purpose to achieving success in their studies and other areas of their lives.

We work to achieve this goal in a number of ways.

Digital Campus

Web-based technology allows us to deliver courses through a live-streaming classroom interface and provide students with access to downloadable course materials, discussion forums, and research resources. With no physical campus, we avoid costs associated with things like building maintenance, grounds upkeep, and similar costs.

Efficient Administration

Signum University’s organizational structure is small, flexible, and mighty! We know we are on the cutting edge of educational transformation, and our staff and faculty are always working to find ways to keep costs to a minimum.

Work-Study Options

We offer many opportunities for students to participate in our work-study program, which offers tuition remission for our current courses in exchange for assistance in areas where their expertise lies.

Open Seminars, Chats & Programs

Through programs such as Signum Symposia, Mythgard Academy, the Mythgard Movie Club and the Silmarillion Film Project, we offer many hours of free educational programs, seminars and timely discussions that are open to anyone. Most of these sessions are recorded, and audio and video are available for free through a number of syndication channels.

Generous Supporters

Many of our software and technology costs are covered by the generous donations we receive throughout the year from supporters. This allows us to keep the cost of tuition low, and provides assurance that an unprecedented amount of the money paid by students goes directly to our team of world-class professors.

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